The Fall of Shadow, Rise of Fear and the Flight from Numenor.

"The dead return to the ground but sometimes the soul rots before the body has fallen." - Tondera of Andunie. "Of the Fall."

"The Fall of Shadow, Rise of Fear and the Flight from Numenor."

Nothing living with any modicum of comfort lacks a fear of it's own demise. Therefore it is no surprise that the short lives of the race of men by the reckoning of the other races of Middle-earth, created a unique mix of fear and resentment. Concordantly it was among those with the greatest wealth and power the greatest depth of these sentiments were harbored. None were more fearful than the nobles and Kings of Numenor. None were more driven to tap powers and walk paths to abate the inevitable doom all shared than the Kings of Numenor.

Those men of lesser means and bloodlines rallied to the King, forsaking ancient faith in the purpose of the Doom of Men. They sought to abate fear by subordinating their wisdom as Kingsmen and the fellowship of others like them.

Those who sought only to remain faithful to the teaching of the Valar and Eldar became an intolerable reminder of the fear the Kingsmen held in their hearts.

The Eldar, their presence, craft, spoken and written words were bitter reminders of what the Kingsmen coveted. Soon the use of the ancient Elven tongue was forbidden. Title and lore became rooted in more common tongues. The House of Ciryaturs was compelled to move from it's ancestral home in Andunie to Romenna and even forsake their house name. It took in place of the house name the secret identity of the Faithwrights of Numenor.

It was in the reign of the last King of Numenor that the disciple of the first Dark Lord feigned supplication before a host of Numenorean might before his gates. A ruse which earned the title Deciever among those of the Faithwrights. To the dismay of the Faithwrights, blinded by pride and fear the King took the Deciever to the very shores of Numenor. There the King harkened to black council which gave root to the eventual doom of Numenor.

In these years the Beacon of Andunie shimmered vigorously in the quarters of the matron of the Faithwrights, Tondera of Andunie. From dreams filling her sleep Tondera resolved she needed to prepare against a calamity yet unknown. She took counsel with the Elven friends of the Faithwrights at sea and in the new settlements of Belfalas. She took heed of the guidance of Cirdan and Elrond in the years that followed. As ever more terrible acts were visited upon the Faithful she prepared her House for the future.

So it was the Faithwrights redoubled building ashore in Middle-earth and began to craft new and spacious white ships. These Tondera had kept unfinished but whose parts could be drawn together in great haste. The Dagger of Warding remained at her side waking and at rest. Her eyes frequently consulting the pummels crystal.

So it was that the Deceiver at last put the King's mind to the unthinkable and the greatest host of Numenors history sailed in anger to the shores of the Undying lands. So awakened by the bright and urgent sheen from the Dagger of Warding that Tondera gave the orders and the White Ships of Numenor were assembled and took those of the Faithful to sea as the island was sundered and consumed.


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