The Analects and Collected Journals of Benjimir



History of Deeds and Contributions

of the

Thursby Family

During the Late War of the Ring.

As compiled by Tenifalas Thursby.

F.A. 107

To begin, I wish to establish my voice in its place among the chorus contained within this volume. I was named Tenifalas by my mother, the eldest and to my knowledge sole male heir of the late Benjimir of Belfalas. This work contains my father's assorted journals and notes, spanning from his period of service to the Prince, through the late War of the Ring. In addition, it compiles stories from those with whom my father served in fellowship and arms during those times. Where multiple accounts of given events exist, a narrative is presented to convey the details.

Early in my distant kins time among the Numenorean colonists in Middle-Earth, the sire name of Thursby was taken, to honor the first family with whom our blood mixed. The Thursby line, being a family of craft and trade since before the fall of Numenor, never held deed or title. Rather, its reputation was built on the renown of vessels built by our kin and the wealth earned in commerce with Middle-Earth. The time of the Lost Isle and forefathers of the Thursby family line are not subject of this volume. Yet, both bear direct influence in its rise in Middle-Earth and thus to the command which sent my father to Eriador and war. - Tenifalas Thursby., F.A. 107


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