LOTRO Conclave V:
August 12, 2017
Cedar Point
amusement park in
Sandusky, Ohio.

Pre-event gatherings and fun August 11.
Post-event gatherings and hang-overs August 13.

Family friendly, gamer friendly, in a place no sane human being can avoid having fun at!

Details and agenda pending but keep your eyes here or at
www.LOTROcon.com to learn more.

I am actively seeking other kinships and groups to promote and RSVP this gathering. The reason we call-off for a year was precisely that nobody will commit until either the last minute or not at all. A dozen of us will in fact be there, we would like to boost that greatly.

As for how the event works, nobody is required to follow others around. We gather at various points all during the day, coordinating by social media and group text messages. We have some set points for group meals, watching shows, playing ski-ball for fun and tickets, etc. We do some Tolkien Trivia, light contests now and then. And Cedar Point has everything from a stunning beach, marina and more. Shows, roller coasters, food of the gods, and simply great times, and a chance to meet-up with kinship friends and others from LOTRO are simply all this is about. Good times. Most folks show for Saturday, many are there earlier on Friday and part of Sunday, but we aren't holding anybody to formal schedules and such.

The sizzle reel for LOTROcon V. Share and spread the word and watch for the extend LOTRO edition!


The fifth gathering of The Lord of the Rings Online players at Cedar Point. August 12, 2017. Learn more and follow the event at www.LOTROcon.com

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