About us:

Sons of Numenor (SoN) was founded in 2008, on the Landroval server of The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO.)  In our six years of existence we have become known as a unusually stable, mature, active, yet casual group of MMO players across numerous games.  

SoN is not defined by any single play style, but more as a “community within a community” where members are encouraged to share their own path.  Yet we also seek people committed to helping build and improve our community.  Our active and professional leadership helps ensure a drama-free environment and to guide the communities efforts.

SoN has always proudly supported members who serve in the armed forces, and from this has come one of our longest standing traditions.  Members are not ejected from our community due to lack of play time.  When SoN was founded in 2008, several members were deployed on active duty within weeks of joining.  Others have spouses who have deployed for many months at a time.  Yet when they return, their membership and Guild remains to welcome them home.  This tradition extends to all our members past and present.  You are not separated from us for lack of playtime or distance.

SoN actively seeks to give back to our in-game communities through sponsoring public events and spectacles.  We actively seek to participate and support our fellow guilds in their events.  

We are a true global Guild.  SoN extends across the face of the earth and we are committed to building our membership in all regions!

Beyond simple in-game activities, SoN breaks the “fourth wall” of the Internet with a growing portfolio of real-world and out of game activities.  SoN founded a virtual and real-world chapter of the international Tolkien Society in 2012.  Also in that year, we began “LOTROcon” an annual real-world gathering of players from many guilds, held at Cedar Point in Ohio.  The Guild boasts several websites have been founded spanning gaming and some of the major games SoN plays.  In 2015-2016, we look forward to starting regional gatherings and even University clubs.

Why Join SoN?

Joining a guild is about finding the right fit and enjoying the game you play.  We enjoy all play styles in MMORPGs, from light and heavy RP, casual raiding, questing, sponsoring activities and events, and much more.  You join as a friend, and you leave as one.  This means if you find a better fit, go in peace, you are always welcome back and none hold a grudge over doing what is right for you.

Membership in Sons of Numenor extends across all the games we play.  You have no obligation to play any game besides what you join us for, but you are welcome in any and all games at anytime.  That means you likely already have a home as your interest in games or play style changes!

We give you all the tools you need and a great community to find and build what you want in your gaming experience.  A top notch website with powerful tools, social media locations, mobile phone apps, TeamSpeak3, in-game user chat channels, are all there for your use.

Our membership stretches across all times zones globally, and we are aggressively pressing to expand  our base of players anywhere somebody logs into a game as a member of Sons of Numenor.  We are always looking to add a few more people, if you are a good fit for Sons of Numenor, we welcome friends that are the same!

If you have visited us here and are looking for a home in the games we play, I hope you will build your home online with us!


Nathan W.L. Boyle 
Founder, Sons of Numenor